Steampunk Festival gets Regional Start-up funding

30 May 2016
Sarah Courtney, Liberal Member for Bass

The Hodgman Liberal Government is aiming for 1.5 million visitors by 2020 and encouraging regional tourism events is a vital part of this strategy.

Last year we established the Regional Events Start-up Program which is aimed to helping new events become established and eventually become self-sufficient.

One of the first seven events to gain funding is the Steampunk Tasmania Festival, based at George Town, which debuts on June 25.

The Steampunk Festival was successful in gaining $30,000 over three years and will provide `Steampunk' film genre through theatre, film, literature and visual arts.

The festival is linked around this retro futuristic movement which has its roots in the Victorian era and the fiction of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells.

It is an era with mad inventors, cogs and wheels and steam powered engines all re-created with futuristic technological twists.

"This will be a unique offering on the Tasmanian tourism scene and congratulations to Anne Cameron and her team for their creativeness and innovation.

"In addition to the tourism benefits, these start-up regional events create jobs and regional economic activity and I’m sure George Town and the Tamar Valley will embrace this opportunity.’’ Ms Courtney said.

It’s estimated that these first seven events alone will pump nearly $10 million into regional economies right around the State. More than that, these events will showcase unique parts of the State and will help bring communities together to celebrate what makes them unique.

Currently, events supported by the Tasmanian Government return around $100 million to the economy each year and they encourage people from around the country and around the world to visit Tasmania.  We will leverage off that to encourage more people to visit our regions.

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