Grants Program

Events Tasmania's Grants Program aims to deliver support to events around the state through a variety of channels. Since it was established in 2002 the program has provided funds to over 1000 events, and in 2014 the program has supported 70 events in 40 different locations around the state over 38 of the 52 weekends of the year.

In relation to reasons event would not be eligible for a grant – our funding programs don’t support conferences, conventions, symposiums, theatrical productions, concert series, trade fairs, fundraising events, expos and events that are primarily a showcase for stall-holders to demonstrate, promote or sell services or products. If an event already receives Events Tasmania funding through a Major Event Partnership they are not eligible for funding from the Grants Program for the same event.

Please note that the Events Tasmania Grants Program will be closed during June 2018.

Funding is provided through the following grants:

Touring grants

Touring grants are available to eligible organisers of auto, motorbike, cycle or walking tours in Tasmania during the winter and shoulder season. Funding is based on the number of interstate or international participants staying in paid commercial accommodation for five nights or more, with at least 40 percent of the tour being held in regional areas.

Touring grants are now open.

Championship grants

Championship grants are on the table for eligible competitions that bring more than 100 competitors and supporters to Tasmania, who stay in paid commercial accommodation for three nights or more, and are able to promote pre- and post-championship travel within the state as part of their event marketing.

Championship grants are now open.

Marketing Tasmania grants

Marketing Tasmania grants can be sought by eligible organisations with a new or established event in Tasmania who introduce a specific activity that will bring people to Tasmania, get visitors and locals travelling to a regional part of the state, or get people hearing and talking about Tasmania through a variety of communication channels.

The Marketing Tasmania program has now closed.

One-off Assistance grants

One-off Assistance grants aim to increase winter events in regional Tasmania, prompting an increase in visitor numbers and local community engagement through the non-peak tourist season. The program also seeks to increase the level of event expertise in regional Tasmania.

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