Touring grants

Touring grants of up to $15 000 are available to eligible organisers of auto, motorbike, cycle or walking tours in Tasmania during the winter and shoulder season. Funding is based on the number of interstate or international participants staying in paid commercial accommodation for five nights or more, with 40 percent or more of the tour being held in regional areas.

How it works

Grants are available to eligible organisations who conduct a tour:

  • held in March - November period (tours held in December, January and February are not eligible)
  • attracting more than 40 people from outside Tasmania
  • staying five nights or more in paid commercial accommodation (hotel, motel, B&B, cabin)
  • spending at least 40 percent of its time outside Greater Hobart

The value of your grant is determined by how many people from outside Tasmania are taking part, and how long the tour lasts. Grants range from $1 500 to $15 000, and can be determine for your tour by viewing the funding scale.

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