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Events Tasmania

COVID-19 Safe events and activities

Events Framework

The purpose of the Events Framework is to help event organisers to identify and manage the risk of COVID-19 spreading at an event.  It sets out the process for large and higher-risk events to work with government to deliver a COVID-19 safe event.

From 21 May 2022, changes to the Events Framework have come into effect. Organisers of lower-risk events will no longer need to register their event or complete a COVID-19 Safety Checklist or Event COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Large events, and higher-risk music festivals still need to complete and submit an Event COVID-19 Safety Plan for review and approval by Public Health.

Event types and requirements

Under the Framework, events will be classified as follows:

Event Type



Music festivals

Any indoor or outdoor music festival with 2 000 or more patrons

Complete Event COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Submit completed Event COVID-19 Safety Plan via email to Please allow minimum 30 days from key event decision date for review and approval process.

Approval from the Director of Public Health required before the event can go ahead.

Large events

Any indoor or outdoor event with 5 000 or more patrons

Small and medium events

Any indoor or outdoor event with less than 5 000 patrons or music festivals with less than 2 000 patrons

Encouraged to follow best practice guidance to manage COVID-19 safety.

No application or approval process required.

The total number of people to determine an event type does not include event staff, volunteers, vendors, performers or contractors and is based on the number of patrons attending an event at any one time.

Large events and music festivals

An Event COVID-19 Safety Plan must be completed and submitted for assessment and approval by the Director of Public Health for all large events  with 5,000 people or more; and all music festivals with 2 000 people or more.

Public health defines a music event, or music festival, to mean a music or dance focused event where participants are primarily at the event to listen or dance to music either live or pre-recorded for four hours or more and where participants are not expected to be seated.

New Event COVID-19 Safety Plan template is available for event organisers to document and step out the measures they are taking to keep staff, volunteers, performers and players, event patrons and the Tasmanian community safe.

Event organisers must provide as much detail as possible when completing the template.

Series of similar type of events at one venue

Where a venue is holding a series of events with similar characteristics, such as a stadium for sporting events, only one Event COVID-19 Safety Plan is required to be submitted to seek approval for the venue or series of events. A forward-looking calendar of events for the series or venue will need also need to be provided.

Submit your application

At a minimum, to submit an application you will need:

  • Event details including event name, contact details of key event personnel, description, date, site plan, event characteristics such as indoor or outdoor, seated or standing, service of alcohol, onsite accommodation and total number of people present at any one time.
  • A description of how COVID-19 safe measures will be implemented such as messaging to patrons before and during the event, management of patron flow, queuing and congestion, maintaining physical distance of 1.5m where practicable, personal and hand hygiene, venue cleaning and details of the person responsible at the event for ensuring measures are implemented.
  • A completed Event COVID-19 Safety Plan that contains this information.

To submit your application, please email:

Timeframes for assessment

An Event COVID-19 Safety Plan must be completed and submitted a minimum of 30 business days before the key decision date for the event as nominated by the event organiser.

Event organisers will be contacted within three working days of receiving the application to acknowledge that assessment of the Event COVID-19 Safety Plan is underway.

Implementing your plan

Following approval of your event, you must:

  • Have a copy of your Events COVID-19 Safety Plan available at the event
  • Ensure all event staff including vendors, performers, contractors and subcontractors have a thorough understanding of how COIVD-19 safety will be delivered at the event

The responsible person must be available during the event to demonstrate compliance with the measures identified in the Event COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Staff from the COVID-19 Safe Events Team may inspect your event and request the above information.

Support materials

Public Health has developed best practice guidance to help organisers of small to medium sized events manage COVID-19 safety.

The best practice guidance strongly encourages event organisers to understand and implement key actions for COVID-19 safety at events and make the health and safety of staff and patrons the priority.

Best practice guide for small to medium sized events

Event COVID-19 Safety Plan  Word | PDF

Events Framework May 2022

Guidance Note for COVID-19 safe camping at events